How To Make A Beautiful Coiled Copper Wind Chime

How To Make A Beautiful Coiled Copper Wind Chime

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I’ve seen wind chimes done in lots of different ways. With spoons, keys and even bamboo. My goodness, some people are blessed with such creativity!

So many times we assume things need to be molded and made using special machinery. However, when you see this copper wind chime and how simply it was made with few tools, it inspires you to want to make one yourself.

The author ( explains in detail and with lots of images the procedures of putting it all together. They also include some helpful hints on getting the correct spacing as the wind chime coils down.

Throughout the post you’ll find the materials used listed as well.

This copper wind chime is simple but elegant! You’d have thought it had been bought from Amazon or eBay.

Visit the post and I’m sure you too, will be fascinated and surprised by the creativity and soon enjoy natures music on your porch! The full tutorial via

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Watch the video: DIY Beaded Windchime (May 2022).


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