39+ Eye Catching Gardening Lighting Ideas

39+ Eye Catching Gardening Lighting Ideas

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Lighting the garden and patio area allows you to enjoy the outdoors in so many more ways.

Whether entertaining, relaxing or just like the way the lighting looks, there are so many ways to including garden lighting in the landscape.

For Garden Lighting Success – EXPERIMENT

Success with garden lighting comes from experimenting.

The only way to test your landscape lighting placement is by moving the lights around when night time falls… like lighting the edge of a garden bed.

Get out in the garden after dark, if needed grab a few long extension cords.

One nice feature of landscape solar lights is once charged they are moved easily to test different lighting effects without an electrical source required.

Here is a growing collection on Pinterest of outdoor lighting ideas for the garden and patio to get your creative juices flowing. Many of them are DIY.

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