How To Decorate Your Garden With Old Tree Stumps

How To Decorate Your Garden With Old Tree Stumps

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Have some old tree stumps you wish were gone? Don’t be in a rush!

Removing trees and their tree stumps can be a major, expensive hassle, and the process often leaves somewhat unnatural gaps in the landscape.

Fortunately, there are those with vision and creativity who know that instead of learning “how to kill a tree stump” they discover ideas on how the stumps can be used as planters. With use of stump remover, they were able pull it from soil and start their DIY project from there.

These planters can house new trees, and can blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Old tree stumps can be used as planters for succulents or a tree stump pot stand. They can also be a fairy garden.

The stumps themselves can capture attention all by itself, or serve some purpose in between these two extremes.

Build a “little house” out of the stump. You can show your creative side and make ideas into anything you wish, tree stump table or even fairy house. Remove tree stumps and check out below images for inspiration on making decorations out of it.

I love how the unexpected the flowers are on top of this old tree trunk. Their bright colors add a fun contrast to the stump’s color and really stand out!

This planter is truly unique in that it revitalizes a dead tree stump, even if it’s not trimmed short. The tree appears to come back to life with the addition of pinks, purple, and red flowers.

True stumps can be used as many things. This one finds itself repurposed as a flower bed or turned into a chair. They have many uses.

This tree stump planter tutorial comes from Lowe’s giving you the steps to utlize an old stump. By using the stump as a planter for colorful flowers, you can add charm and appeal to your outdoor space.

This backyard space looks more like a safari retreat with the shaping an old tall tree stump into a giraffe, or another animal that suits your fancy! A Hippopotamus may be difficult.

This old tree stump carved out to look like a home comes complete with stairs and windows and doors. One of the rooms opens to show furniture like a bed and chairs.

An amazing tree stump that looks like Marry Poppins. It has a bicycle for glasses and a hat. It also has a nose carved onto it. The hat and head have moss growing to look like hair.

These solar powered outdoor lights are probably unlike any that you have seen. They rest on wooden pillars to give your pathways a natural and tasteful look.

This tree stump features several bird houses. The houses all look like older houses. It is a beautiful piece of art.

Five tree stumps to give a beautiful glow at night as these old tree trunks light up the yard. They are all beautiful neon colors bringing light in the darkness.

A tree stump may look old but turned into a beautiful castle. There are many features to it with a bird on top of it. It looks rustic and old and a castle of legend.

A beautiful tree stump glistening from the light. In the late evening and the sun is setting on forest. It seems to be late summer.

If you have a lot of small pots and you’re not sure how to arrange them, you might try suspending these pots from a dead tree stump in your garden. I’m sure you’ll need drip irrigation to water these.

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