10 Outstanding Ideas For Covered Terraces

10 Outstanding Ideas For Covered Terraces

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Many of us can only dream of having a covered terrace or patio to relax and entertain.

There are so many options and ideas to make your terrace a great living space for you and your family.

From the

  • Structure type – permanent, temporary
  • Covering used – solid, canvas
  • Type of flooring
  • Patio furniture selection – wood, metal, wicker
  • Extras – BBQ, tables, outdoor kitchen, TV

Many of the images may appear to be “high end” but these are exactly the type of outdoor designs that are loaded with patio ideas. to get your creative juices flowing.

No matter what your space, you can create an area for you to enjoy!

This covered patio design is loaded with ideas. Front an center is the large firebowl with seating to relax and enjoy the outdoors year round.

The barbecue is on wheels, to make cooking wherever it is convenient. The patio gets full view from indoors, inviting you to come outside.

The flooring looks like a rough finish of possibly poured concrete. It’s also evident this is a “kid friendly” patio area.

Simple idea for a “pergola design” on a deck to offer some shade and break the glaring sun. Wicker couch with pillows that can be changed out with the season.

The large decorative pots with giant elephant ear colocasia plants add a tropical feel. I think a decorative gazing garden ball could look interesting!

With all the sun a nice addition to the patio area for some color could be the charming Brunfelia – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow plant or a large pot planted with New Zealand Flax.

Rustic patio to relax with privacy due to the large plantings around the edges. Bright, colorful vine adds a nice contrast!

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