17+ Clever Front Porch Ideas Everyone Will Love

17+ Clever Front Porch Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Front porches are making a comeback. Of the new homes built in 2011 two-thirds had a porch according to a USAToday article.

If you have a porch, what does it say about you and your home?

Are you tired of coming home, pulling into the driveway, and staring at the most boring front porch in the entire neighborhood? Do you want to feel excited while walking up your driveway at the end of your day?

It may be time for a change. Need ideas or great designs to spark the creative person inside and give your porch some appeal.

Ready to add some special touch to the outside of your home?

  • Load up on colorful Potted Plants
  • Add a Pop of Color on the Front Door

More Ideas for the Front Porch… 100’s!

  • Add trellis plants to dress up the Front Door And Porch – Home Depot has a step by step guide on freshening the look of your front door. Lots of pictures included along with supplies and tools needed to complete the project.
  • Houzz – 100’s of front porch ideas for curb appeal in photos
  • Diynetwork – Front Porch ideas from around the country

sources: USAToday

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