Rusty Tin Can Lanterns

Rusty Tin Can Lanterns

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I’m always on the look out to share creative but inexpensive ways to create an impact in the garden. One of the best ways to accomplish that impact comes from the use of light.

When you first look at the image above from Christine at littlebrags you’ll probably say “What Impact”!

We’ve shared several posts using cans and creating magical looks outdoors when placing lighting inside. Here’s a few “glowing” examples:

  • Coffee Can Lanterns
  • Paint Can Lanterns
  • Glowing Orbs

A simple process of taking cans, filling them with water and then freezing them. The frozen water allows you to use a nail and hammer out a pattern or design. Next placing some type of lighting source in them. Then you wait for night to arrive and light them up.

As you can see Christine’s tin can project came out GREAT. Plus I’m sure people will be making comments and asking “how did you make them? You can find out her steps with her tutorial via

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Watch the video: Tin Can Lanterns (June 2022).


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