He Turned An Old Tree Stump Into A Beautiful Bench

He Turned An Old Tree Stump Into A Beautiful Bench

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When you cut down a tree you may be left with a tree stump that may be a a bit difficult to dispose of.

However, for some… that tree stump can be turned into a nice sitting place. It can also be quite eco friendly since it minimizes waste.

Creating this bench does take some work but the end results make it all worth it. Check out imgur user mauthbaux, who made a great looking bench from an old tree stump.

After a storm and some clean up this old stump became just an eyesore. It sat in the yard for months before two brother’s decided to remove it. They kept as much of the roots and sat in the back yard drying out for several months.

After drying out the stump the task of cutting the stump in half began. First some of the bark was removed and the stump washed to remove any excess dirt. “We tried (with some success) to leave the halves with an equal amount of roots to make it easier to level the bench.

The two sections were then joined together. The team admits there are better ways to join the stumps.

The joint redone and the bench now shortened 8 inches. Better fit!

The raw bench seat after sanding. Here’s the sand process…

The chainsaw left a very rough surface. To get it back to a furniture grade finish, I did a lot of wood sanding. First step was to use an angle grinder with one of those discs made from overlapping pieces of coarse sandpaper.

This chewed through the worst parts of it really quickly. Next was a combination of belt sanders, random orbit sanders, and a ‘mouse’ sander all with various varieties of sandpaper.

After working up to about a 220 grit, the whole piece was soaked with a garden hose to raise the grain, and sanded again with 220 grit.

The finished tree stump seat or bench after applying 3 coats of Danish Oil onto the tree trunk. Rustic, red cedar, and other wood design will be good for such log benches.

For pictures and steps describing what he did to the salvaged wood, your only task will be looking for the right tree stump for that natural bench for some serious relaxing. All the details of this tree stump bench work and other do-it-yourself projects via imgur.

Watch the video: How to make a Tree Stump into a Flower Box (June 2022).


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