Make Cool Garden Stepping Stones A DIY Mosaic Tile Tutorial

Make Cool Garden Stepping Stones A DIY Mosaic Tile Tutorial

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If you want to make a wonderful and unique addition to your backyard consider adding a hand created garden accessory like custom stepping stones designed by you!

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These stepping stones are really attractive with the ability to incorporate lots of different colors and shapes to suit your garden. The basics are:

  • First cut some kraft paper in a circle and draw your design on it.
  • Then glue some tiles on the paper following your drawing.
  • Then mix some concrete and pour it into a bowl with the paper in it.
  • Wait for it to dry.
  • Remove from the bowl and remove the kraft paper.

For details, a tutorial with lots of images and “How To” check out the link below:

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Watch the video: Stone Mosaics (June 2022).


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