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Clematis Montana: How To Grow and Care For Himalayan Clematis

Clematis Montana KLEM-uh-tiss, MON-tah-nuh is a flowering plant belonging to the Clematis genus and the family Ranunculaceae.Learn more about Clematis Vine CareMontana clematis is a late Spring bloomer producing masses of flowers.Clematis Montana is commonly called:Mountain clematisHimalayan clematisIt’s native to the mountainous regions of Asia, from Taiwan to Afghanistan.
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What Is Chrysogonum Virginianum? How To Care For It?

Chrysogonum virginianum L. kris-OG-oh-num, vir-jin-ee-AN-um , also synonymously known as Chrysogonum australe is a perennial plant known for its ornamental value as a ground cover.This is in reference to the beautiful bright daisy-like flowers growing strikingly against vivid green foliage.These flowers are the reference for various common names including golden-knee, green and gold, and goldenstar.
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Curb Appeal

Tips On How To Add Curb Appeal From Front To Back

Curb appeal makes an important “buying element” when trying to sell your home. It also serves as an important consideration when you wish to live in your home comfortably and happily.The appearance of the exterior of your house and the quality of your landscaping combine to create your house curb appeal (or lack thereof).
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Why Tomatoes Crack When Growing

If you have grown tomatoes you’ve experienced “tomato cracks” which is one of the many tomato problems you’ll encounter.Sometimes called “growth cracks” and usually associated with excessive watering, rainy periods and dry weather which lead to cracking and most of the times scattered on the garden soil.
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Tuberous Begonia Care Is Easy A Personal Experience Shared

Summary: Tuberous begonia care is simple, follow a few rules in your care – direct sunlight, well-drained soil and water, soon bulbs full of colorful, showy bloom will fill a pot or hanging basket, raining color in the landscape.Question: My mother made tuberous begonia care simple, her begonia bulbs, tubers, pots and hanging baskets showered our patio with bloom and color during their season.
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Pesticide Use in The Garden… Are Respirator Masks Necessary?

Question: My question involves respirators for spraying pesticides in the garden. My husband handles all the “pest control” on our yard.He even tries at times to make his own natural homemade pesticides to use because he thinks they are safer and cheaper. However, should he wear pesticide masks when applying chemicals at home?
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